Verge Management

Verges pose a unique challenge in the fight to achieve a managed control over ragwort proliferation.

  • Large areas spread out over thousands of kilometres
  • Uncultivated and largely inaccessible
  • Access Safety issues
  • Natural repositories for flora and fauna
  • Ideal seed distribution corridors
  • Ideal habitat for ragwort colonisation
  • Many neighbours creating contamination
  • Many neighbours classified as HIGH RISK - Ragwort Act.
  • Increasing probability of claims for damages and ‘Loss of Use’.
  • Escalating cost of managed control
  • Escalating Safety risk to operatives
  • Heightened requirement to demonstrate Due Diligence

Ragwort-UK Ltd. have developed three products to help managers achieve the Safe and Efficient control of ragwort, designed to be incorporated into a Managed Ragwort Control Policy.

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