Verge Audit

"The single, most fundamental step in any Management & Control Program

- is Measurement"

Are you expected to be able to answer questions like these?

How fast is our ragwort infestation changing?

How effective are our current interventions?

Where is our ‘HIGH RISK’ exposure?

What is our potential exposure for Claims and Damages?

What budget will be required for future interventions?

By measuring the density and distribution of Ragwort on land under your control, your Management Team will be able to :-

  • Evaluate the rate of developing Ragwort infestations.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of interventions.
  • Project, and budget for, future intervention costs.
  • Establish where DEFRA classified 'High Risk' exposure exists.
  • Prioritise and target interventions to 'High Risk' sites.
  • Implement Biological Control methods before flowering.
  • Evaluate the company's exposure to potential Claims for Damages.
  • Formulate the basis of a 'Due Diligence’ defence against Damage Claims.

Ragwort-UK Ltd provide a Ragwort Verge Audit Service, based on counting flowering Ragwort plants visible from the highway.

Counts are recorded using satellite navigation to determine location, with a custom designed mobile Audit Console.

Audits are carried out by spotters trained to be able to identify Ragwort from a vehicle moving at normal highway speeds, ensuring no disruption to traffic flow.

Raw Data of counts and location are available for your own staff to interpret and utilise.

Optionally, data can be further analysed for you by Ragwort-UK to provide a detailed survey of areas involved in exposure to the DEFRA 'High Risk' definition.  Overlays may be visualised using standard KML enabled mapping utilities - such as Google Earth/Maps

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Ragwort Verge Audit - 'At a Glance' plot

‘At a Glance’ overlay showing High Risk exposure points in red, Low Risk in white and approximate density of ragwort depicted by circle diameters.

Exact data is supplied in table form to allow ‘pre season’ distribution of Biological control Breeding Capsules.