Ragwort Identification Training

    The training covers the identification of the three major types of ragwort, only one of which, Common Ragwort, is controlled under current legislation and requires intervention.
    Many complaint calls are made relating to yellow flowering plants which are not even in the ragwort family.  This training course will ensure that the operative is able to correctly identify all the stages of common ragwort, differentiate between the three main types of ragwort and correctly exclude plants which are not ragwort.

    Showing competence in the ability to correctly identify Common Ragwort is valuable in assuring members of the public and land owners that you are taking your responsibility to control ragwort seriously.

      One day course - 240 per person - up to 10 people.
      Course run when ragwort is in flower.

Safety Risk Assessment and HACCP Training

    Correctly identify the factors which need to be taken into consideration for a thorough HACCP Risk Assessment.
    The training course covers basic HACCP techniques and interactively details the hazards involved in any ragwort intervention procedures.  The course is based around our extensive experience and will include the hazards we have identified in our own ragwort nurseries.  Once identified, hazards are then fed into your own Safety Management system to become part of your SOP manual.

    Suitable for Supervisors, Engineers and Safety management teams.

      One day course - 440 per person - up to 5 people.

Verge Audit Training

    Economics may well dictate that you utilise your own staff to execute verge audits.  Correctly spotting and identifying flowering ragwort from a vehicle moving at normal highway speeds is a skill which can be taught, along with the use of our custom built mobile audit console.
    Our Mobile Audit Console software is available under licence to allow full access to self auditing.

    A substantial audit program, either in house or independently provided is fundamental to ensuring the best value is achieved through the intervention program, and maximum effectiveness for a Due Diligence counter claim against litigation.

      One day course - 650 per person - one to one tuition.
      Course run when ragwort is in flower.

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