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The Cinnabar Breeding Capsule

Introduced for the 2010 ragwort season control.

The NEW Cinnabar Breeding Capsule contains over wintered Cinnabar moth pupae.  It has been designed for rapid deployment of biological control agents into verges colonised by Ragwort.

The Capsules are designed to give the Environmental Steward an efficient, safe and easy means of introducing Cinnabar moths into established stands of Ragwort,.

The Capsules are deployed prior to the Ragwort flowering season.  This allows the Cinnabar emergence to synchronise with the bolting of the Ragwort rosettes.

Deployment may be made from a moving vehicle directly onto the verge, allowing the rapid treatment of large areas of verge without the need to deploy traffic calming controls and associated costs.

The Capsules provide protection for the pupae until seasonal ragwort development triggers the emergence of the moths.  Capsules allow the Management Team to allocate the level of reintroduction to match the specific area requirement.  Introduction levels may be tailored from very high levels able to achieve full control in the current season, down to a minimal level intended to rebuild controlling populations over an extended number of seasons.

The pupae have been bred in a controlled environment, agreed with Natural England, to ensure that the emerging moths are healthy and disease free, ensuring a strong start to the introduced colonies.

The capsules are biodegradable and have been produced using recycled board.


The Cinnabar Breeding Capsule, in conjunction with Verge Audit information is a new and powerful biological control tool, designed to deliver safe, lasting, natural control of Ragwort, to the verge Management Team.

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